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S.L. Verma

An eminent thinker, writer, teacher and activist of “Politicology, ” S.L. Verma is a former Professor of Political Science, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. He specializes in such areas as Modern Political Theory, Indian Political Thought, Research Methodology, Political Engineering, Consumer Movement, Secularism, Gandhism, and Hindatva. He has published over 25 books and 50 research articles and has also edited journals “Political Science” “Review” and “Political Change.” Some of his important books are: “Contemporary Political Theory, Towards Theory of Positive Secularism, Research Methodology in Political Science, On Grounds of Gandhian Polity, Indian Representative Political Thinkers, Modern Political Theory, Advanced Political Thought & Analysis, ” and “Gandhi and Gandhians” (forthcoming). Presently, Professor Verma is Chairman, South Asian Academy of Political Technologies, Jaipur.