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Saba Naqvi

Author, Journalist and Commentator, Saba Naqvi is one of India’s best known political analysts. She has published three books. In Good Faith, published in 2012, chronicles a two year long journey across India in search of syncretistic traditions and pluralist communities. It is the book closest to her heart. Capital Conquest, 2015, is about the emergence of AAP, the so called citizen’s party that now rules Delhi. Her third book, Shades of Saffron: from Vajpayee to Modi, released in June 2018, chronicles the journey of the BJP that Saba covered for two decades. It’s a firsthand account with the author as the primary source of news and information and has profiles of all the leading figures in the BJP’s ascent to power. Saba’s next book, on Coalitions in India, is due in February 2019.

The former political editor of Outlook magazine (under the legendary editor Vinod Mehta), Saba writes columns in leading national dailies and websites. She is also an election analyst on television and a known political commentator.

Saba has been a Reuters fellow at Oxford University, a Jefferson Fellow at the East West Centre at Hawaii, has been selected for the Asia Leadership Fellow Award given by the Japan Foundation at Tokyo and the US State Department’s fellowship for leading professionals from across the world.