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DALIT ISSUES: Caste and Class Interface

Edited by T. Brahmanandam

Dalit Issues: Caste and Class Interface will fill the gaps in the existing body of literature pertaining to Dalit issues. The book addresses the key issues of Dalits struggling for the right to life and survival with dignity. Though this right is constitutionally granted as fundamental right, the realization of the same seems to be the most strenuous task.
Dr. Ambedkar’s lifelong concern for the vulnerable took the Dalit issues at the centre-stage of national politics. Political parties took up the Dalit issues and came to power. The stakeholders, including the human rights bodies, remain vocal in condemning the atrocities and injustice inflicted on Dalits. However, efforts are on for the realization of constitutional rights safeguarding the interests of Dalits, and creating an egalitarian society. The book in hand will definitely take such steps forward. This book will be of great help to all concerned with Dalits and human rights issues.


1 Dalits in Conservancy and Sanitation Works / Sanghmitra S. Acharya
2 Affirmative Action Policies for Dalits in India / Kanak Kanti Bagchi
3 73rd Constitutional Amendment / T. Brahmanandam
4 Availability of Healthcare Services in PHCs of Salem District / A. Vadivelu
5 Socio-Economic Deprivation of Scheduled Castes through Social Exclusion and Discrimination in India / R.G. Dandge
6 Scheduled Castes Sub-Plan Act 2013 / Suman Damre
7 Educational Participation of Marginalized Social Groups of Maharashtra / P.S. Kamble
8 Manual Scavengers Far from Dignity and Inclusion / K.M. Ziyauddin
9 Impact of Affirmative Action on Subaltern Castes / M. Gopinath Reddy
10 Dalits and Human Development Indices / Shiddalingaswami V. Hanagodimath
11 Dalit Discourse and Democracy / Subhankar Basu and Srikakolli Eliah
12 Bonded Labour and its Implications / Vinod Kumar Yadav
13 Different Constitutional Provisions and its Impact on Occupational Diversification among Social Groups in India / M. Thangaraj


2018 Hardcover






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