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Edited by Robert W. Kates and Ian Burton

Gilbert F. White is the preeminent geographer of natural resources, hazards, and the human environment. During fifty years of professional work as civil servant, scientist, and educator, he authored numerous books and papers. This volume is the first collection of White’s work, spanning his interests and career from 1934 to 1984. Individual introductions by the editors place each selection in historical perspective and assay its significance. With the companion volume, Themes from the Work of Gilbert F. White, White’s writings, and the work that he has inspired, are now readily accessible to all who share his concern for the stewardship of the earth.


Volume I: Selected Writings of Gilbert F. White (486 Pages)
1. Shortage of Public Water Supplies in the United States During 1934
2. Human Adjustment to Floods
3. A New Stage in Resources History
4. A Perspective of River Basin Development
5. Introductory Graduate Work for Geographers
6. Strategic Aspects of Urban Floodplain Occupance
7. Industrial Water Use: A Review
8. The Changing Role of Water in Arid Lands
9. The Choice of Use in Resource Management
10. Critical Issues Concerning Geography in the Public Service—Introduction
11. Review of Man, Mind, and Land: A Theory of Resource Use
12. Vietnam: The Fourth Course
13. Rediscovering the Earth
14. Optimal Flood Damage Management: Retrospect and Prospect
15. Formation and Role of Public Attitudes
16. Strategies of American Water Management
17. Preface to the Second Edition of Integrated River Basin Development
18. Unresolved Issues
19. The Meaning of the Environmental Crisis
20. Drawers of Water: Domestic Water Use in East Africa
21. Geography and Public Policy
22. Natural Hazards Research
23. The Last Settler’s Syndrome
24. Domestic Water Supply: Right or Good?
25. The Role of Scientific Information in Anticipation and Prevention of Environmental Disputes
26. Stewardship of the Earth
27. National Perspective
28. Global Life Support Systems
29. Environment
Bibliography: Gilbert F. White’s Published Works, 1935–84

Volume II: Themes from the Work of Gilbert F. White (392 Pages)
1. Water Supply: Persistent Myths and Recurring Issues / M. Gordon Wolman and Abel Wolman
2. Floods and Man: A Geographer’s Agenda / Rutherford H. Platt
3. Integrative Concepts in Natural Resource Development and Policy / Marion Clawson
4. Resource Use in Dry Places: Present Status and Potential Solutions / Douglas L. Johnson
5. River Basin Development / J.C. Day, Enzo Fano, T.R. Lee, Frank Quinn, and W.R. Derrick Sewell
6. Decision Making in Hazard and Resource Management / Howard Kunreuther and Paul Slovic
7. The Citizen-Scholar: Education and Public Affairs / Elliot J. Feldman
8. Awareness of Climate / F. Kenneth Hare and W.R. Derrick Sewell
9. From Hazard Perception to Human Ecology / Anne V.T. Whyte
10. Coping with Environmental Hazards / Timothy O’Riordan
11. Energy Policy in Black and White: Belated Reflections on A Time to Choose / Kenneth E. Boulding
12. Global Environmental Prospects / R.E. Munn
13. The Great Climacteric, 1798–2048: The Transition to a Just and Sustainable Human Environment / Ian Burton and Robert W. Kates


2019, Hardbound






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