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HUMAN RIGHTS: Text and Context

Human Rights: Text and Context deals with various theoretical perspectives on human rights (globalists versus anti-globalists, unilateralists versus multi-lateralists, and market ideology versus religious fundamentalists) as well as different dimensions of human rights, both global and local. An attempt has also been made to demystify the myth that human rights originated in modern Western Europe. It has been shown here that there has been the evolution of human rights in many developing countries in ancient period itself; for example, in Babylonia, Hammurabi Code was declared regarding justice and punishment way back in 1700 BCE. Similarly, in ancient India too, various texts and practices of governance fully endorsed human rights of common people thousands of years back.
In addition, this book also deals with efforts of United Nations like the declaration of Millennium Development Goals in 2000 as well as declaration of Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 for the protection of human rights of all the human beings. This book contains eleven chapters ranging from the evolution and theoretical perspectives on human rights to child labour, dalits’ exclusion, terrorism and good governance. Looking into the text and context, the book offers an in-depth analysis of the issues for ensuring a right to life with dignity, liberty and sustainable development so that the spirit of Universal Declaration of Human Rights may be ensured globally, nationally and locally. It is expected that this book will provide the food for thought to the academia in particular and the public at large in general.


Part I – Human Rights: Evolution, Perspectives and Context
• Evolution of Human Rights: A Global Historical Perspective
• Perspectives on Human Rights
• Dynamics of Human Rights in India
Part II – Human Rights and Child Labour
• Conceptual and Legal Aspects of Child Labour: A Critical Appraisal
• Trends, Causes and Consequences of Child Labour in India
• Dynamics of Child Labour in India: Problems and Prospects
• Domestic Child Labour: Myth and Reality
Part III – Human Rights and Exclusion of Dalits
• Inclusion of Dalits: Towards ‘Development with Identity’
Part IV – Human Rights and Terrorism
• Networks, Roots and Eradication of Terrorism
Part V – Human Rights and Governance
• Governance and Ethics in India
• Corruption: Causes, Consequences and Eradication


2018 Hardcover






Subhash Sharma


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