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HUMAN RIGHTS & THE THIRD WORLD: Issues and Discourses

Edited by Subrata Sankar Bagchi, Arnab Das

Human Rights and the Third World: Issues and Discourses deals with the controversial questions on the universalistic notions of human rights. This book discusses Third World perspectives on human rights and seeks to open up a space in the human rights discourse to address unresolved questions in the field, citing issues and problems from different countries in the Third World: Should alternative perspectives be taken as the standard for human rights in the Third World countries? Should there be a universalistic notion of rights for Homo sapiens or are we talking about two diametrically opposite trends and standards of human rights for the same species? How far can these Third World perspectives of human rights ensure the protection of the minorities and the vulnerable sections of population, particularly women and children, within the Third World? Can these alternative perspectives help in fighting the Third World problems such as poverty, hunger, corruption, despotism, social exclusion (for example, the caste system in India), communalism, and the like? Can there be reconciliation between Third World perspectives and the Western perspective of human rights?


1. Universal Claim and Postcolonial Realities / Marie-Luisa Frick

2. The Impossible Dream / Clarence J. Dias
3. Development and Environmental Issues vis- à -vis Current Perspectives of Human Rights / Aniruddha Mukhopadhyay and Sayan Bhattacharya
4. Human Rights and Corruption / Agus Wahyudi
5. Human Rights and Indigenous Self-Government / Scott Simon and Awi Mona (Chih-Wei Tsai)
6. Colonial Continuities, Neoliberal Hegemony and Adivasi (Original Dweller) Space
7. Hindutva Politics – Impact on Human Rights / Ram Puniyani
8. Human Rights Violations in India / Debi Chatterjee
9. Media, Cultural Rights and The Third World / Pranta Pratik Patnaik
10. The Fault Lines in Soviet-Style Accommodation of Minority Rights in Ethiopia / Semahagn Gashu
11. Human Rights and the Third World Other / Subrata Sankar Bagchi
12. Culture and Issues of Rights to the Eyes of the Indians with ‘Other’ Self-Identities of Sexuality and Gender / Arnab Das and Pawan Dhall
13. Roots and Shoots of Female Feticide in Pockets of India—Lending Voice to the Voiceless / Tushar Kanti Saha
14. The Rights of People Living with Disability from the Third World Perspective / Francis Machingura
15. Disability in the Third World / Anuradha Saibaba Rajesh
16. ‘People’s Health in People’s Hands’—A Goal Ever-Elusive? / Satyabrata Chakroborty
17. Human Rights and Information Society / Dipankar Sinha
18. Biotechnology and Human Rights / Subhasis Mukhopadhyay


2015 Hardback




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