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Issues and Perspectives in Anthropology

Rashmi Sinha (Ed.)


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The discipline of anthropology consists of an extensive platform for knowledge that helps to assess and manage the human concerns. The idea of applied anthropology used in the present edited book encompasses the tremendous variety of research arenas anthropologists are working on. The book provides an overview of various facets of anthropology ranging from traditional anthropological methods to contemporary research domains. The various facets of anthropology discussed in this book majorly include anthropological methods, geo-archaeological approaches, forensic trends, tribal studies, traditional and indigenous knowledge, state and policy issues, and contemporary domains of anthropological research. It shows how the knowledge of the discipline of anthropology can be used for the explicit purpose of recognizing, understanding, and addressing human problems. This edited volume also unveils new realms and paradigms of anthropological research that will surely assist in the betterment of contemporary society.
1 Pits and Pratfalls: Problems in the Ethnography of Human Behaviour / Abhik Ghosh
2 Regional Variation of the Femur from Nationwide and Across the Globe with Special Orientation to Sexual Characteristics / Abhilasha Kapoor and M.P. Sachdeva
3 Space, GIS and Geospatial Analysis in Anthropology / Benidhar Deshmukh
4 Religion and Ecological Sustainability among the Bishnois of Western Rajasthan / Bikku
5 Naxal Movement and Tribal Interest: Conjoined or Separated / Gaurav Saxena
6 Gender-Based Study in a Population Group of Muslims with Reference to Emotional Intelligence / Indelah Khan and A.K. Kapoor
7 New Realms of Anthropological Exploration: Methodological Reflections from the ‘Field’, Exploring Corporate Social Research and HIV/AIDS / Indrani Mukherjee
8 Influences of Western Cultural Dominion on Traditional Healing Practices of the Indian Indigenous: A Timely Perspective on Modern Colonialism / Saumya Sharma
9 Traditional Knowledge in the Context of Globalization: Rethinking Concepts and Methods / Kamal Kant Misra
10 Cultural Practices Relating to Management of Breastfed Infant Diarrhoea / Khundongbam Gyanabati Devi
11 Negotiations Maintaining Relations and Identities: The Case of Tea Garden Labourers / Minakshi Gogoi
12 Biometric Authentication: New Age Method of Criminal Identification / Monika Saini and A.K. Kapoor
13 Displacement and Occupational Changes in Tribal Livelihoods: A Case of Andhra Pradesh / Nagaraju Chikkala and K. Anil Kumar
14 Disaster, Sustainable Livelihood and the State: Case of Floods in Bahraich District of Uttar Pradesh / Prashant Khattri
15 The Inside Story of the Unorganized Sector Workers: A Case Study of Govindpuri Slum Area / Ravindra Kumar Koshal
16 Reflection on Marginalization of Tribes in Uttarakhand / Richa Joshi
17 Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Sandstones Used in the Historical Buildings in and Around Varanasi District / Shinjana Sen and Meenal Mishra
18 Forensic Science in India: Emerging Trends and Contemporary Challenges / Soumendra Mohan Patnaik and Loveena Sehra
19 Unveiling the Interface between Anthropology and Literature / Sonika Jaggi and Soumendra Mohan Patnaik
20 Archaeology: Medium for Investigating the Evolution of Human / Urvashi Gupta
21 Identification Dynamics among Population Groups of Delhi / Vijeta Choudhary and A.K. Kapoor


2019, Hardbound






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