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Now in its Third Edition, completely revised and updated, Research in Social Work remains one of the most popular introductory textbook on research methods in the field. Distinctive in its emphasis on research as a natural corollary to practice, the book takes readers step-by-step through the process of developing a practical agenda for such projects. Fortune and Reid clearly explain how to formulate questions and hypotheses, conduct group and single-system naturalistic and experimental designs, analyze and compile data, and write research reports. Along the way, they present lucid discussions of the critical theoretical considerations, such as how to gauge reliability and validity and perform qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Throughout, they furnish specific methodological advice for integrating research agendas into everyday practice. New to the third edition are a complete glossary of terms, additional diagrams, new examples from real-life studies focusing on cultural diversity and oppression, and increased emphasis on themes relevant to practice. Definitions of key concepts set apart in boxes – along with the increased number of illustrations – make this text one of the most readable in its field. And while other books describe methods drawn from related social science fields like sociology and anthropology, Fortune and Reid’s is written by and especially for social workers. Research in Social Work is a peerless companion to coursework in basic research methodology and clinical research at all academic levels indeed, it is one of the few books broad enough in coverage to serve as a primary text for a wide spectrum of classes.
• Social Work and Research

• Generation of Inquiry
• The Context of Research
• Dimensions of Research Design
• Naturalistic Designs
• Single-System Experiments
• Group Experiments
• Sampling • Measurement
• Data Collection
• Quantitative Data Analysis
• Qualitative Research
• Assessment
• Evaluating Outcome at Different Levels of Practice
• Study of Intervention Characteristics
• Intervention Design and Development


2017 Hardbound






Anne E. Fortune,

William J. Reid


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