Treasure Hunt Bible Hardcover


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Usually there is only one chest of treasure on a treasure hunt. Whoever gets to the treasure first takes it all. The Bible is not like that. It contains enough treasure for everyone. You will find new treasures on every page waiting to be discovered. You will never be bored on your treasure hunt. Every day you will find new ways to enjoy the things that God wants to teach you.

There is no greater assurance in life than knowing that your children know and follow Jesus. Many people struggle to understand the Bible or to get to know God and Jesus personally, and sometimes they give up early in their lives. How precious would it be if you were able to discover the treasures of the Bible as a child, or know God in accordance with who you are and how you think? The unique Treasure Hunt Bible takes you and your children on an incredible adventure that serves as a bridge between Bible story books and the full text Bible. The nine cute ‘Wayees’ are also there to bring insight and to ensure excitement on a journey where they can discover God and his treasures.






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