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• Does your job involve working with people?
• Do you know what to do when your clients or colleagues want to talk to you about difficult issues in their lives?

• Would you like to improve your ability to listen and help others?

This book is written for practitioners such as teachers, doctors, community workers, nurses and social workers, whose counselling role is embedded within other work functions. A framework is introduced, that allows the reader to draw on knowledge and competencies from their own personal and professional experience, as well as from a range of approaches to counselling, that will help them to help others.

The majority of people who seek help for personal issues do not consult specialist counsellors or psychotherapists, but instead look for support from people who are close to hand. In many instances, the counselling conversations that they have may last for no more than a few minutes. This book equips readers with methods and strategies for working effectively in such circumstances.

“Counselling Skill” outlines the abilities needed for counselling others – listening carefully, self-awareness, instillation of hope, being reliable and trustworthy, a capacity to engage with emotion – and suggests how these everyday skills may be used to help others to help themselves. In order to help those new to the ideas in the book, each chapter is supported by examples, as well as evidence from research studies.

This book is key reading for people working in helping, managing or supervisory roles: it provides efficient and ethical strategies that will improve their ability to assist or advise others. It is also of use to counsellors and counselling students who wish to develop a better understanding of their craft.


2009 Hardcover




John McLeod


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