Pastor Abusers: When Sheep Attack Their Shepherd


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Who are the pastor abusers? They are mean-spirited church members who criticize and bully their pastor with the goal of forcing him out of the church. While most church members are supportive of their minister, pastor abusers are usually only a small group, and are often running the church.

Can anything be done to stop them? What can a pastor do when he is under attack? What are the minister’s options after being fired or forced out of the church? Pastor Abusers is a survival manual for pastors, explaining what is happening behind the scenes and the driving forces behind the attacks.

Over 30 abused pastors were interviewed and their quotes are listed in every chapter. Helpful advice is given, instructing pastors how to respond to the harassment. This book lists the pastor’s four options after leaving the church, along with a listing of ministry and secular job websites.


2012 Paperback






Kent Crockett


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