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PRACTICE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH: Social Work Perspective (Second Edition)


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Since the publication of first edition of this book, social research in general and social work research in particular, have grown very rapidly. Today, social science research methodology has evolved to become highly scientific and diverse in nature. Practice of Social Research very precisely describes the basics of social research but the primary focus of the book is on the applicability of research methods in social work theory and practice. Social work research has a unique role to play in enabling the social work students, educators as well as practitioners to meet the growing demands of higher professional standards and accountability. The book aims at enhancing the knowledge base of social work and making the social work practice – a scientific practice – by using various research methods, tools and techniques. Key features of this revised edition include: — a section on ‘Determination of Sample Size’; — a detailed inquiry into Computer Application in Data Processing and Analysis through SPSS software; and — an elaborate discussion on ‘Hypothesis’ along with examples. This book will prove a valuable guide for both academics and practitioners in social work profession. The clear, accessible style will make this the ideal introductory text for those undertaking or studying research for the first time.
• The Scientific Approach
• Basic Elements of Social Research

• Basic Research Designs
• Measurement in Social Research
• Sampling and Sampling Designs
• Methods of Data Collection
• Data Processing and Analysis
• Analysis of Secondary Data PART B: SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH
• Social Work Research
• Single-Subject Research Designs
• Evaluation Research in Social Work PART C: STATISTICS FOR SOCIAL WORK
• Measures of Central Tendency
• Measures of Dispersion
• Measures of Association
• Non-Parametric Tests of Association
• Tests of Significance for Single-Subject Designs
• Parametric Tests of Difference


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