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Relational Leadership: A Guide to Para-Church Leaders

Foreword by: Dr. John C. Mincy


Does Christianity need one more book on leadership?
Perhaps not, due to the abundance of books poured out on this field both within Christianity and the corporate world. Yet for one reason, the inexhaustible nature of the Bible accommodates any number of books for its interpretations while it remains inexhaustible. Moreover, everyone’s circle of influence differs and necessitates it.

Relational Leadership: A Guide To Para-Church Leaders invites organizational leaders to reconsider their distinctive roles in light of building relationships. Strange relationships made inroads into the community causing many leaders soar no higher than the hypocritical leaders of Jesus’ day. Jesus established relational leadership with his disciples and their ministry extended to the uttermost part of the earth.

Leaders may feel pressured to maintain relationships within an organization but feel estranged from each other outside of that organization even to the extent of being antagonistic to each other. That relationship is professional, superficial, and unrealistic. This book addressed such an issue and proposed genuine and authentic relationships based on the Scriptures. Relational responsibility and accountability, relational teamwork and ethics, and relational transition (leader-shift) are some of the dominant features of the book.


2022 Paperback






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