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Tribal Religion: Religion Analysis, Beliefs, and Practices

“This book is a great in depth look at religion and it’s far reaching effects on peoples far and near as well as advanced and primitive cultures. The writer has produced a remarkable resource and has clearly outlined the dynamics of religion and its role in society. The ability to articulate the shades and forms that religion take on is a monumental task that has been accomplished in a very comprehensive form. Highlights are the way the Word of God is iterated to cement the truth of Christ’s heart; to have relationship with His creation.
This book is relevant to today’s challenges to address the forms of religion that are being promoted as Christian as well as defining other forms of religion. It is a must for any library and a good tool to recommend teachers and lecturers. A must read for Missionaries that want to be able to be effective in the field were primate religion meets the modern society. It has been a privilege to read and be able to acknowledge the detail and the craftsmanship of this book.”



2019, Paperback






M. K. Koshilning Maring


Omega Book World


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