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HUMAN RIGHTS IN INDIA: Prospective and Retrospective

Edited by Sudarshanam Gankidi

In the last few decades, human rights has emerged as an important area of teaching and research. Human rights are inalienable rights of individuals irrespective of their age, caste, gender, colour, social and economic status.
Such rights are violated every day in India at individual and group level, both within the family and across social systems. Human rights violation of such marginalised population, including women, children and disabled persons, often go unnoticed. On the other hand, social groups such as dalits, tribal population and masses from poor backgrounds experience social segregation and are prone to face human rights violation at a larger level. One of the fundamental reasons for this violation is insensitiveness and lack of awareness about rights of the ‘others’. State, which is supposed to protect the rights of the weakest, is also seen as a violator.
It in this context the book makes an attempt to discuss about the role of judiciary, criminal justice system, police, NGOs and their developmental interventions. This book is a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on human rights.


Introduction / Sudarshanam Gankidi
Part I – Human Rights, State, Police and Judiciary
1 Beyond Global Human Rights / Ajay Gudavarthy
2 Role of Judiciary in Humanising the Criminal Justice System in India / G.B. Reddy
3 Police and Human Rights Observance: Dilemmas and Interventions / Chaitanya Pradeep Nemalikanti
Part II – Human Rights and Civil Society
4 Human Rights NGOs in Manipur: Contexts, Roles and Challenges / Khaikholen Haokip
5 Displacement and Tribal Resistance to Development in Kalinganagar, Jajpur District of Odisha: A Concern
for the Rights of Indigenous People / Rafiq Ullah Sheikh and Jayaram Singh Samal
Part III – Human Rights, Children and Education
6 Hearing Children’s Voices: A Study of Jammu & Kashmir State / Moksha Singh
7 A Human Rights Perspective on Education and Research in Science and Technology / Astha Saxena
Part IV – Human Rights and Persons with Disabilities
8 Learning Disability and the Indian School: A Study in Delhi / Jasleen Kaur and Neerja Sharma
9 Equal ‘Human’ Status to Women and Girls with Disabilities: Gender-Disability Dimension of Human Rights /
Deepshikha Singh
10 Disability Space in News and Entertainment Media in India: A Case Study / Santosh Kumar Biswal


2019, Hardbound






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