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In Abraham’s Bosom: Christianity Without the New Testament


In Christian theology and Christian Churches the Old Testament is generally regarded as the “precursor” of the New Testament, which fulfills and surpasses the expectations, promises, and prophecies of the “Old Covenant.” But now a new and challenging exploration of the Old Testament and its relevance to Christianity is offered by Manfred G”rg. Is it unthinkable to propose a Christianity without the New Testament, established on the basis of the Old Testament? A Christianity that would at the same time signify a partnership with today’s Judaism and would no longer need to call on Judaism to return to the bosom of the Church? Could one not feel happier and more at home in the bosom in which Abraham (the father of the faith of Jews and Christians) would unite people in the future under his “blessing”? With In Abraham’s Bosom G”rg attempts to answer such questions. He explains that the Old Testament, the fundamental document of Jewish faith, also has an enduring, unique, and binding character for Christians. He also points out that the central theological data of the Old Testament?such as God’s covenant with people, messianic expectations, and hope for the time of salvation at the end of the ages?are not “canceled” or abolished in the New Testament, nor are they completely fulfilled. Through his exploration, G”rg concludes that Christian faith has its roots in the Old Testament and that “Christianity without the New Testament” is indeed possible. Chapters in part one are “Covenant?the Tie that Binds?Obligation,” “The Old Testament en route to the Concentration Camp,” and “The Old Testament: Still Under Christian Occupation.” Chapters in part two are “Joshua?Jeshua?Jesus,” “Messianic Concretions,” “Sons of Humanity,” and “In Abraham’s Bosom.””. . . it is a book that deserves careful reading. One hopes that a similar volume on American biblical studies will be undertaken. The volume is a significant contribution to an effort to make Christianity more human, more divine, and more self-aware . . .” The Catholic Biblical Quarterly


1999 Paperback




Manfred Gorg


The Liturgical Press


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