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Theology To Sing About


Theology is something Christians sing about. The Psalms are full of theological truths. Our hymn book is one of the best examples of the joy that we find in theology. And what is theology? It is the study of God. Christians should find no greater joy than in getting to know God better. Some people say, “it doesn’t matter what you believe.” But, it does matter indeed. It is the foundation upon which we build the Christian life. This book is not meant to be exhaustive. Nor is it meant to be a scholastic work such as would be used in a classroom. The topics covered are limited in scope. The purpose is to show that the core beliefs of the Christian faith are not dull and unnecessary. But, it is to show that they are stimulating, refreshing, and lead us to sing. To ignore theology is to build on the sand. To ignore it is to build on a floating iceberg. To ignore it is to build on a wisp of wind. We need something concrete, something enduring, something we can depend on, something we can sing about. It matters what we believe. It matters what a doctor believes. It matters what a bank believes. And it matters what the Christian believes. This book covers the central teachings of the Christian faith.


2019, Paperback






Blake Western


Omega Book World


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