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Tribal Language Literature and Folklore: Emerging Approaches in Tribal Studies

M.C. Behera (ed.)


Contributions included in this volume are topically diverse and methodologically innovative; a general perspective pervading throughout is a reflection of an increasingly cross-disciplinary contemporary academic engagement in tribal epistemology with language, literature and folklore as critical areas of enquiry. The whole intellectual enterprise, however, is particularly crucial in that it draws the attention of readers to corresponding branches of knowledge emerging in the field of tribal studies by displaying distinct perspective approaches.

Precisely, with distinct cross-disciplinary analytical frames, the contributors of papers have employed suitable concepts, empirical data and theoretical perspectives to study tribal language, fictions and folk narratives.

Undoubtedly, the volume is of interest to scholars and students across various disciplines and particularly to all who are committed to tribal studies.
1. Culture, Language, Orality and Documentation / Stephen Morey
2. Odisha / Panchanan Mohanty
3. Hindustan Loans in Khasi, Chakma and Kokborok / Rupak Debnath
4. Recapturing Voices for Preservation of Language Rights / M. Sreenathan
5. Understanding Bugun Identity through a Study of their Language / M.C. Behera
6. Tribal Languages of Jharkhand / Prabhat K. Singh
7. Multilingualism and Educational Status of the Savara Tribe in Andhra Pradesh / M. Udaya
8. English Translation of Paraja and Cultural Deviation / Ramesh Chandra Malik and Panchanan Mohanty
9. Santal Perceptions of Poverty in Oral and Written Literature / Marine Carrin
10. Representation of Colonial Modernity in Ethnographic Novels in Indian Literature / Sarat Kumar Jena
11. Womanism versus Feminism / Nigamananda Das
12. Different Shades of Femininity / Miaji Hazam
13. Voices of Poets on Contemporary Maladies in Naga Society / A.J. Sebastian
14. Palimpsest of Indigenous Communities and Myths / Vibha S. Chauhan
15. Trickster as First Ancestor / Stuart Blackburn
16. Blunder, Punishment and Penance / Eli Doye
17. Telling it Right / Murali Sivaramakrishnan
18. The (Un)divided Consciousness / Siamlianvung Hangzo


2019, Hardbound






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